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Belonging is a belief and also a feeling and both of them are very subjective. But, objectively, it is what unites different individuals from the same place or facing a similar situation.

Whoever lived such an experience knows this is a very strong bounding. It is not enough to feel like somewhat you relate to someone – it is the identification with every single part of the whole that makes you feel like you belong.

The ability to identify you in another person or group is called empathy. Feeling like they feel, wanting what they want, seizing like they seize. It is the deepest identification process: trying someone else’s shoes to understand them based on fundaments or personal impressions.

Elocc. Creative Agency was born under one conviction: there is nothing more powerful than having empathy with our clients.

That’s why we are not a regular agency. We do not stand on top of a one-way model when it comes to strategy and operation. We do not flout neither base ourselves on limited services. We are not just a media, technology or content agency. We drive business to our clients business.

Creatively, we plan exclusive solutions according to your brand’s ambitions and necessities combined with a generous empathy and focus on effective results.

Sócios Diretores da Elocc. Creative Agenc


Walmart Brasil
Cia. Hering
Coop de Alimentos
Escola do Futuro
Grupo Dilady
Fagron Holding
Alma De Batera

Marketplace Management

We are in charge of making your operation feasible on a daily basis and responsible for every single process that gets your Marketplace up and running.

Planning & Creative

From branding to marketing and content rebranding. Whatever your necessity is, you can always count on us.

Media Management

More than investing on media channels, we understand what, when and how it makes sense to amplify your campaign results. Let’s talk about it?

Special Projects

Every single challenge you have when it comes to digital transformations. We are here for a video production or planning a project that will take your brand to the highest degree.


Some of the cases that proud

Walmart Brasil

We are responsible for the entire operation of one of the biggest Marketplaces in the world. We organized a dedicated team that follows a very strict procedure: match, categorization, catalogue management and SKU specification from all sellers.

Access case

Cia. Hering

We rationalize the information architecture, interface and front-end development to implement an integrated checkout on all the five e-commerces of the company: Hering, Hering For You, Hering Kids, PUC and Dzarm on Hybris SAP.


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